Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas is on it's way Stage 5: Christmas Tree Time!

Now I only have one photo of me and the tree and that's in the dark and after an hour and a half of decoration. There will be a better photo soon but at the moment I'm performing at the weekends and I leave the house when it's dark and arrive home in the dark so it'll have to do. 

Our tree is magnificent. We again did the old "shall we just get a smaller tree this year?" thing and then opted for the biggest one. 

Excuse the extremely tired face...I was, erm, tired. 

This was all Tim could see of me in the car as we had to squish the tree in and put the eats down in the back.

 It's 7ft. We live in a terrace. It's pretty much taking up a third of our living room BUT it's blummin gorgeous!

I bought some gold baubles and sparkly snowflakes to add this year as last year Tim decorated it and went with just red and green and I like a little extra sparkle. 

Can you tell how excited I am? 

I'll get some proper pics nearer to the day, I'm off to visit my Nana this weekend in Sunderland and next weekend I'm performing in Torquay on Friday and Chester on Saturday! A little whirlwind of fun for me this year!

And one last photo, I am actually being a christmas tree at the moment. Here is me in my costume (minus star hat and without the lights switched on). Gangsta Treepin' (yep...I did just say that).

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas is on its way Stage 4: Bake something suitably Christmassy!

Sorry for the non posting of late, I've been a bit poorly but I'm ship shape and ready to go again and I've been baking.

I decided I'd give gingerbread a bash. I am disastrous when it comes to baking any sort of remotely biscuity based thing so I was very surprised when it all turned out extremely yummy and tasty!

If you're after an excellent recipe try the Hummingbird Bakery book (I love this book so much I can't even begin to put it into words!). Everything I have ever baked from this book has turned out perfect and absolutely delicious.

Next time I think I'll cut them a little bigger, they were more of a ginger cookie than gingerbread as they weren't very soft in the middle, but you live and learn.