Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cheddar Camp & Cheddar Gorge - 23rd June 2012

We set off around 9ish, to relatively clear roads and weather. We did pack an awful lot. I don't do camping lightly apparently (tent, table, chairs, heater attachment for stove, stove, pans, pots, water carrier, small table, lights, lantern, washing up bowl and bits to go with it, massive airbed, pump, suitcase...etc etc).

Think we've packed enough?

We arrived at Cheddar Camp slightly dubious about out ability to find a dry patch after checking the weather and seeing that it had been raining non stop for two days before we arrived.

Tim jumped out at reception and we were led up to the top field by the owner and she pointed us in the direction of what she thought was a dry patch. It wasn’t. Although did manage to get one on the top of the hill which meant we had a beautiful view out over the Cheddar countryside.

CheddarCamp is a lovely site which comprises of two fields and a toilet block. There are no showers but they do allow camp fires, which seemed to us to be far more important than having a shower for the three nights that we were there.  

There is a bridleway running through the centre of the two fields, cordoned off by fences and not too busy at the weekend (photos below from a sunnier day!)

Cheddar camp, Cheddar Cheddar camp, Cheddar Cheddar camp, Cheddar Cheddar camp, Cheddar

The toilets are basic and there is no hot running water but this is explained when you book in. The only problem with the loos is my mortal fear of moths and the fact people kept leaving the lights on and the doors open. Pretty much my worst nightmare right there! 

Cheddar camp, Cheddar featuring ghost electricity box
Do you think the electric box looks like a boo from Mario or is it just me? 

The owners are friendly and helpful and at £5 per person per night you can’t complain. Logs for the campfires can be purchased for £3.50 per bag from reception.

We had the tent set up within half an hour (Tim’s first time of putting it up) and everything else we up and inside in the grand total of an hour.

Our friends showed up a little later and set up their tent, and then we decided to go down to Cheddar and have a wander about the gorge. Unfortunately we got there too late to go into the caves but we did have a wander up the road until it started throwing it down so we diverted to the local scrumpy shop and decided to fill up for what was going to be a very wet and windy evening.

We thought fish and chips would be good idea and picked some up before heading back to the camp.

Cheddar Gorge Cheddar Gorge Cheddar Gorge
Why is there always a one off scary child's shoe in these places?
Scrumpy time

By the time we got back the camp site was buzzing with life, a school trip and a fathers and toddlers group had taken up the majority of the back field and ours had a few more additions to it. The rain came down, more and more until the ground was ridiculously boggy but we were smugly in our tent all dry and with the heater on and scrumpy in hand.

Tim loves his scrumpy The night the rain didn't stop, Cheddar Our tent heater attachment

The wind howled and the rain  poured down and unfortunately for our friends their tent didn’t stand up to it, so one slept in the car, the other came and slept in our tent (after a lot of re-jigging…I did say we don’t pack light right?). It was a disturbed night’s sleep with the rain lashing at the side of the tent and it didn’t let up all night, but we were safe and sound in our super tent with the steel poles (I really did make the right choice!). It really was a case of go-to-sleep-as-fast-as-you-can-this-will-all-be-over-in-the-morning thoughts as I lay my head down and drifted off. 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Camping - June 23rd - 7th July 2012

This June saw mine and Tim's first camping holiday. 

I may have mentioned before but my husband is a full time University student, studying Ecology and Conservation, and thus the pennies in our pockets are limited. 

So we ditched the idea of having any type of holiday abroad for a very long time and decided to use the next four years as an excuse to see the beautiful countryside of the United Kingdom. 

I have spent the last six months buying bits and bobs including a tent (we only had a crappy little dome one and a two week holiday in a three man dome tent in the the British weather...). The tent we camp in is an Ouwell Carolina M which is now out of production BUT we managed to get one just in time. 

The great thing about it is the huge living space, meaning if we were going to get bombarded by rain and gales for two weeks we would have somewhere to cosy up and not worry about getting wet. 


We booked the time in last year and originally planned to go to Cornwall for two weeks but when we got tickets for the Stone Roses in the middle of our holiday dates we revised our plans. We thought it would be a nice idea to go to Tim's old stomping ground in the South West for a week and mine in the North East for a week, as visiting families means we never get to go to the places we often talk about. 

I will link below when I've updated my blog with the bits and bobs that we did day by day but here for now is the run down of our two weeks away: 

29th June - Stupidly long drive back to Manchester (it should have taken us three and a half hours - it took six!)

1st July - Recover and pack up again 

4th July - Beamish
6th July - Vue Carlisle - The Amazing Spiderman, The swan Hotel - Ravenstonedale 
7th July - Scenic drive back to Manchester via A  roads rather than the M6

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Crafty Club: Felt Lavender Pomanders

In April my friends and I got together for our first foray into a shared craft collective, ingeniously called: Crafty Club! The idea being, we all take turns to hols it (if you want to - you can just join in and not host one) and we do a different craft each month pooling our knowledge, learning something new and having fun and good old gossip at the same time.

I held the first meeting and we all embroidered cards, unfortunately I accidentally deleted the pics from the day (stoopid). 

On Sunday the next instalment was held at Chelle's pad and felt lavender pomanders were the choice of the day.

Chelle was a great host and showed us all step by step what to do. With her help I mastered a blanket stitch something I have seen a million times over in craft projects and tutorials but I have never been able to figure out from written instructions (I have a crap working memory because of dyslexia and mild dyspraxia so written instructions aren't good for me, verbal a little better but visual the best!). 

I think we all did very well, thanks Chelle for you patience, supplies and hosting a fab Sunday avo of craftiness!

Frenchi's bright and beautiful  for her lovely nephew, Caleb  

Kat's emo

Chelle's country chic 

Hazel's floral heart 

My purple felt, all finished. I eventually decided to hang it in the car to make it smell a little sweeter 
(the camping trip and fast food trips have made it smell icky!) 

Untitled Untitled

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Glossybox drawers - Embroidery station

I have seen many a tutorial for Glossybox drawers but I do believe this was the first to pop up and has been the basis of most of the others online.

After having a little organise (may be an understatement) I decided I really ought to make use of my old Glossyboxes that were piling up and it might be an idea not to keep all of my threads in a jumble in a random storage box in the living room.

So I followed the above tutorial and first off sorted my threads into colours.


Made up the drawers, which wasn't too tricky from the instructions I was super careful before I glued anything though!

Then I added the drawer ties which I did in matching colours to the silks contained within.


I popped my needles, scissors, seam ripper (and later other bits and bobs) in the top and ta-da, all done! A darn sight prettier and tidier than my mess was previously. 


Monday, 16 July 2012

Crafting: An old storage box gets a makeover

As you may remember from an earlier post when I went to visit my Nana in May she gave me a car load of knitting/sewing stuff and gave me this box:


I think she made it from an old orange box (or what I have heard to referred as an orange box - an old wooden crate). I had some material left from a previous sewing project, so glue gun in hand I went to work and covered it in a rather more pleasing colour. The inside is lined with dark blue satin. 


Alas it looked quite plain, even though it was better than before, so I thought I'd do a little bit of stitching and add some buttons I had also left over from previous crafting. I probably should have thought about it before I glued the lid but I still think it looks good, even if you can see the the knots at the beginning and end of stitches. 

Tim had the great idea of me adding to it with the little bits I have left over, making pockets out of scraps of material etc around the sides, something I will definitely do in the future. 

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Friday, 13 July 2012

Card Embroidery: Happy Birthday Isabel


A brithday card for my cousin Neil's eldest Isabel who turned 11 today, cake design from Wild Olive. Go check her out for more lovely free printables!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Card Embroidery: Happy Birthday Slashington


A card for my friend Paul who not not like cheese in any way. Based on an old t-shirt of his from the clubbing days. Hand drawn by Tim, stitched by me.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

And the Winner is.......

The winner of the HP t-shirt competition is.....*drumroll*


Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who entered. 

Please keep your eyes peeled for more competitions in the future. 

GinervraMollyPotter, can you please email me at with your address so I can get your t-shirt sent out this weekend. 

And on another note qwertee are selling this awesome horcrux t-shirt today (which I will be purchasing!) it's only available for 24 hours so get yours while you can

MrsB xx