Friday, 3 February 2012

52 Reasons

I can actually post this is my 5th Wedding anniversary. I have the most amazing husband, his name is Timothy.

This year we'll be celebrating 10 years since our first date too! Maybe we should take a trip to our local Tesco and he can kiss me in the pizza aisle again (our very first kiss, how romantic?!).

I decided to make something for Tim this year, something that would express just a little of how much I love him and the things I love about him.

I found this amazing idea for a book of cards listing reasons I love my husband online here 

I wish it was my idea but it wasn't! It turned out to be not that hard to do, I created the inserts in publisher, ordered the cards and got sticking. The tricky but was punching the holes in the right place but apart from a couple of errors I seemed to do okay....I made this about six week ago but obviously haven't been able to pot anything about it but as we're currently jetting off on a plane to Brussels I have been sneaky and scheduled this to go live while we're up in the air.

I found it very hard to whittle it down to 52 reasons if I'm honest. There are many, many things I love about Timothy, but here are a few pics of the finished product (and the non too mushy ones!) ;D

He really does! More than anything else in the world (apart from me)

One for the wrestling fans out there

A little cheeky one at the end!

And here are a few more pics of our wedding:

Happy Anniversary Timothy, I love you lots :D xxxx


  1. Handmade gifts are so much more personal. Love the playing cards idea. Dave and I have done a few things with "reasons I love you" as presents to each other.

    Happy anniversary guys - 5 years already. How time flies :o)

  2. Love your cards and thanks for the linnk back too. Gorgeous wedding photos and Congratulations on your anniversary:-)

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely comments and the original idea too, I love your blog :D

  4. Hi again - thanks so much for sharing on the 52 Reasons I Love You Page!
    It is a beautiful project.
    Lowri :-)

    1. Thank you for thinking up something so brilliant! ;D

      I love your blog too, it's great :)