Thursday, 31 May 2012

Glossybox: First Birthday Box May 2012

I eagerly awaited my May glossybox as I knew it was the birthday edition and I was looking forward to seeing what was in store. I had spoilt it a little by noseying online to see what other people were getting and I as crossing my fingers for all sorts. 

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I wasn't disappointed when I opened up the box! 


The Eau de Parfum is liquorice based, so not something I particularly like if I'm honest, completely suited to someone else I'm sure but not for me. 

L'eau en blanc is musky but not in the way that Nana's smell, it's actually quite light, and something that I liked, not loved but I'm happy to use the tester even if I wont be purchasing. 


I loved this bath and shower gel, it builds up quite a lather and smells gorgeous, you can definitely smell the gooseberry and orange blossom in it and the smell of freshly mown grass without having my eyes weep and my nose go into some kind of massive sneezing fit is lovely (yup, hayfever sufferer). It may be a little out of my price range though so I'm not sure about buying it for myself, but it would make a lovely gift for a friend. 


This moisturisers smells beautiful and I had high hopes but alas it did not agree with me. It markets itself as easy absorbed but I found that I had to stand around like a freaky naked statue covered in white goo while I waited for it to absorb. When it did it made my skin feel a little clammy to tough. This is the first Neal's Yard product I have used and after hearing good things about them I was disappointed.


There has been a bit of bit of a hoo-har over this gel liner, people on the glossybox group complaining about it not being a luxury product, people turning their nose up because it's collection 2000. Drama. 

This was actually my favourite product out of all. It's a brilliant gel liner that's cheaper than a lot out there and is much better quality than some of the other cheaper brands that I've tried out in the past year or so (do not get ELF, it's it's really crap!). 

This glided on, dried in no time and the colour wasn't something I would have automatically picked up but it'e gorgeous and really suits my complexion. I am so happy that I get sent this as I probably wouldn't have picked it up off the shelf but I certainly will be in future, it's a snip at just under a fiver and I will definitely be purchasing in black and gold too. Tip top budget product of high quality, I cannot recommend it enough!


I can't give much of an opinion on these as I haven't tested them out yet, I'm looking for a suitable enough occasion to wear these gold glittery star adorned fab lashes, when I do I'll update this section, going off looks wise though; they're ace! I love a good trashy lash me. 


A great box with an added bonus of a glassybox compact compact. Thanks Glossybox team! 


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