Monday, 23 April 2012

Birthday Embroidery: Tiki Birthday

This card was made for my lovely, all American pin up gal, Kate Donovan.

She loves all thinks Tiki, so I made this along with a tea-towel for her home bar.

Again the patterns are from the wonderful Sublime Stitching 

Pics of the accompanying tea-towel below. Althought this took me hours(!) I was so happy with how it came out and I got to buy a load of new silks as an excise (mwhahahaaaaaaa) after I ran out of every brown I had in store!



Close up

Monday, 16 April 2012

Clickety Snap: Easter Break - Askrigg, Yorkshire Dales

This Easter we celebrated our lovely friend Chelle's 30th birthday. We stayed in a gorgeous barn conversion in the Dales and I spent the weekend wandering and grazing, much like the sheep in the fields.

There are a few pics below, you can see the whole set here. Hope you enjoy :D


Tim & Joe recreate the Karate Kid


Tim's shadow taking on a Hitchcockian presence


French and I glamming it up at the bar


Chelle gets her birthday cake


Tim and Rob daredevil it at Aysgarth Falls


Our Sunday lunch in a gorgeous place, we got our own dinning room.


An last but not least me being all chuffed because of my two hotels on the best Monopoly board ever!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Birthday Card Embroidery: Shaun of the Dead

I made this for my friend Chelle's 30th birthday. I recently found out her favourite film is Shaun of the Dead and what better way to celebrate her birthday than a blood covered cricket bat with the words "You've Got Red On You"

Being a bit of a film obsessive myself this is probably my favourite out of all the cards I've made. Sometimes it's the more simpler ones that are the better. All drawn freehand with an attempt to make the cricket bat as film genuine as possible!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Birthday Card Embroidery for Lucy


A birthday card for my cous's lovely lass Lucy :D Hope you had a lovely birthday :D

Drawn freehand of my own hand.

Little Shop of Horrors Crafting

This blog is copied from a previous elsewhere blog. 

Clothes Eating Plant

Drawing inspiration from Little Shop of Horrors, I made a Clothes Eating Plant for a photoshoot with Kate Donovan for Donovan's Darlings, a classic 1950s cheesecake pin-up website. 

I cut out the card for the mouth and covered this with green felt and stuffed it with soft toy filling. After gluing the felt in place I then made the teeth out of thick white card and added these. Next I made a hinge from the card, as I didn't want anything too stiff. I attached both sides of the mouth and added red felt for the middle, followed by a lovely pink tongue. 

I added industrial strength magnets to his mouth and covered these over to ensure that the mouth snapped closed when needed.

I attached his stalk, an old cardboard tube covered in green felt, then I popped him in a plant pot and made a little covering of brown felt to look like a top layer of soil. 

The shoot was brilliant and a lot of fun, there's a one photo from it in the gallery below and the rest are of me making him.

I called him Timothy 2, because Audrey 2 was so named in little shop because Seymour loved her, I thought it was only fitting for me to do the same. 

I make costumes too!

These posts are copied over from another blog I had, so I thought I'd move them over here so everything is in the one place. They were posted way over a year ago, and I'm currently working on a new Genie costume

Ivy Wilde's "Poison Ivy" costume

Instead of the skirt I bought a pair of Vivien of Holloway trousers which I pop studded all the way down the seams inside and out. The shirt was also pop studded with the buttons sewn back on to the front.

All of this took time of course but it was actually onto the really bones of it that I got a little *ahem* carried away. First things first I attached my LED lights, this was in itself quite a tricky job. Then I covered the bra and thong with ivy leaves (bought from trusty Hobbycraft) ensuring that the LEDs were poking out ain the right spacing. 

 I then sewed thousands of sequins on. It looked pretty amazing when it was done but to be honest this is the least fun part of making a costume for me. I usually run at least three if not four stitches through every sequin as I always think with the wear and tear that the costume is going to get I’d rather know that it’s going to stay firmly together for at least a year or two. 

This took the best part of a month, for I am one for smaller sequins to be honest…..but then I decided (foolishly?) that it would look so much better if the sequins had a crystal in the middle of them. Queue me sticking thousands of crystals to the bra and thong (this is not a lie, I spent a whopping amount of cash on Preciosa because I think they give the best shine next to Swarovski). 

I made the pasties out of one of the large ivy leaves and attached the old ones to the back, threading the tassels through a hold in the middle. I also sequinned and crystaled them once I’d done this. 

Then it was on to the shoes, now for midnight I had only stuck a few sequins and crystals to my black shoes but I really wanted the Ivy ones to stand out, as I was going to be in the bra and thongs for a little while towards the end (the music has changed somewhat) so I began the task of the shoes. After crystaling the heels I thought they needed more, so not the whole of the shoe is covered in Preciosas, apart from the ivy leaf to the front which is covering a bit of horrible buckle. I bought satin shoes as they’re less likely to lose crystals due to me using Gem Tac as an adhesive. 

So over all the costume is marvellous, well worth the hard work and the frustrating hours and back pain of sewing on sequins for a month!  

Zuul Costume for mine and Tim's 30th birthday Party

So Tim and I decided to have a costume party for our 30th, and eventually agreed upon the theme of film characters. 

As Tim's favourite film is Ghostbusters (2nd favourite Miss Congeniality then followed 3rd by Miss Congeniality 2) he decided to go as the Key Master Louis Tully, so I thought I'd complement him with going as Zull/Dana Barrett. 

I managed to get some pretty good fabric at Leon's in Chorlton (best fabric shop in Manchester) and made the outerlayer, again no pattern - I have no idea how I managed this...then I used some gold fabric I'd been given that was Tim's Grandma's as an under layer and made a matching sash belt. 

The party was brilliant, we had such a great time and everyone made a huge effort (apart from a few - naughty!) but I was sooooo hot, but then soooo drunk so I didn't really care after a while.

AND I now have a pair of pikey gold stripper shoes to add to my collection of shoes I'll probabaly never wear again, they were only £15 from Primark though. 

Ivy Wilde's "Midnight" Costume

So obviously not taking too much on I decided to make a full skirt for a costume for a new act called "Midnight" and it went pretty well! I made the top of it first, then added the net (I have been told previously not to sew net through the machine and broke two needles but the time it saved was well worth it!) then gathered the netting up into bunches. Skirt comnplete!

I then customised the bra, making it a haterneck, adding bows, sequins and crystals. 

I also made the chiffon panels, which took most of my time, hand sewing the sequins onto them afterwards was a major chore too but it looks soooo pretty under the light. 

I added fringing to the thong and sequins to the front mesh panel (you can't see this in the pic and I'm not putting one up!). You'll have to catch Ivy Wilde at a show to see it in it's full glory! 

Monday, 2 April 2012

Birthday Card Embroidery for Nana I


My Nana's birthday card this year, drawn freehand - as you might be able to tell!