Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Little Shop of Horrors Crafting

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Clothes Eating Plant

Drawing inspiration from Little Shop of Horrors, I made a Clothes Eating Plant for a photoshoot with Kate Donovan for Donovan's Darlings, a classic 1950s cheesecake pin-up website. 

I cut out the card for the mouth and covered this with green felt and stuffed it with soft toy filling. After gluing the felt in place I then made the teeth out of thick white card and added these. Next I made a hinge from the card, as I didn't want anything too stiff. I attached both sides of the mouth and added red felt for the middle, followed by a lovely pink tongue. 

I added industrial strength magnets to his mouth and covered these over to ensure that the mouth snapped closed when needed.

I attached his stalk, an old cardboard tube covered in green felt, then I popped him in a plant pot and made a little covering of brown felt to look like a top layer of soil. 

The shoot was brilliant and a lot of fun, there's a one photo from it in the gallery below and the rest are of me making him.

I called him Timothy 2, because Audrey 2 was so named in little shop because Seymour loved her, I thought it was only fitting for me to do the same. 

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