Saturday, 25 February 2012

First Birthday Present Crafting

Today is my lovely friends Shazza and Dave’s little un’s 1st birthday.

Jack came into this world after some frantic nesting on his mother’s part and has been the apple of his parents eye since day one, he’s a little sweetheart.

And this is what I made him: 

It was quite easy to do, I bought the canvas and buttons, marked the on the canvas using my makeshift lightbox and a water soluble marker and simply stitched the buttons on. 

and of course I stitched his birthday card too

I hope Shazza, Dave and Jack like it and have a lovely day munching on birthday cake and having lots of fun together. 

Love to the three of you xxxx


  1. Thr finished canvas is absolutely beautiful and has pride of place on the wall of Jacks nursery.

    Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and lovely present :o) xxxx

  2. Gorgeous work Mrs. Could be tempted to have a go at that myself for Ben & Chloe! X