Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mother's Day Card Embroidery

This was my Mother's Day card for my step-ma Jackie. She loves all things 1920s and art deco so I thought this design would be suitable. As you've probably guessed I did not draw this!

I bought the design from Sublime Stitching, they have amazing designs, only problem is, I want them all!

Apart from the couple of crap french knots on the skit (I misjudged where I should have poked the holes and they ended up joining up...argh!) I was really happy with this and Jackie was uber impressed (also with the cakes she got!)

She opened it last night when we went over to see her and Dad and ate curry and got a composting bin they no longer need, it was lovely to see them both and I'm super happy Jackie liked her gift.

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