Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day: A pie from the heart

Have I ever said how amazing my Dad is?

Without going into too much detail he's had some sad times and some good times, he's funny (in that Dad kind of way) and he has always been there for me through thick and thin, through hard times and good, and I completely admire what a strong person he is and how kind and sensitive and honest he is.


He is completely my hero.

For father's day this year I made him a pie, and not just any pie, the pie of pies, the champion pie for all north easterners, the.......corned beef and potato pie!

Corned beef and tatty pie has always been my favourite pie, my Nana made it when I was little and it was always a treat to have it when we'd go visit after moving away. Unfortunately my Nana can't make it any more due to her arthritis so I thought I'd make one for my Dad as it's been years since he had a slice.

There is a recipe you can follow here (if you're going to bake a pie from the NE it needs to be a recipe from the NE).

I have to admit thought I cheated with the pastry, I am not very good at pasty, mainly because I don't make a lot of pies with my husband being a veggiesaurus.

And I made the pic in a long thin baking tray rather than a pie dish as that's how it was made when I was a lass and I thought my Dad would appreciate it. I have had word since that it was yummy (although the bottom wasn't cooked through properly - the joys of having a crap over with a top heating element!)


The finished pie! 

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  1. i love corned beef and potato pie too i can eat it hot or cold, but i cheat with everything, i use pre-rolled pastry and frozen mash but i dont add onion as i'm not a fan, i think a good variation is using carrot and swede mash (i get mine from Morrison as it doesn't have onions in it) also just found out that swede has half the calories of potato so it cant be bad, even my son who doesn't like corned beef loves this pie (when it's cooled abit lol as it's like trying to eat molten lava otherwise but its so yummy who can wait) yours looks great by the way.