Thursday, 21 June 2012

Glossybox: June 2012

I wasn't sure what to expect from this month's Glossybox after the themes of the other few boxes beforehand but it appears to be a summer themed box this month. One thing I was happy about; no creams! Not that I don't love them but it means I pretty much get to write this straight away as there is less trying out to do! 

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I have a few friends who use dermablend for stage makeup and I have heard great things about it, so I was happy to receive the sample pack through the post (and I'm sure my friends will be happy when they get the left over non pale as a ghost samples from me).


I went for 11, the lightest shade as I am an English Rose and paler than a pale thing. I have a scar on my arm from a baking sheet accident a few months ago that has been a pain to cover up so I thought I'd out it to good use and try it out. It covered easily with not much application and looked as though the scar had never happened, leaving me feeling thoroughly chuffed at the outcome. I might invest for the future, it's a good price at £19 for what essentially will cover a multitude of disasters (I am prone to clumsiness!). 


So, after reading the above and after saying how pale I am I was somewhat at odds with the bronzer in my glossybox. Not being one to throw my toys out though I thought I'd give it a little test on my hand. It actually looks quite nice, and although I wont be buying it (I'm just really not a bronzer girl) I will be using the pot as a darker highlighter for my eye make up as it gives a lovely shimmer sheen. 


This is not normally a shade I'd pick up, but this is what I love about Glossybox it puts things in your hand you wouldn't normally use. It boasts of being quick drying and high gloss and it actually delivers and a bargain price at £4.50, I shall definitely be investigating their products further. 


I am assuming the glossybox blog will be updated with further info and feature on their venture into make-up brushes. I have to say I was more than happy with this brush, it's super soft and gives good application. I'm not sure if I would pay £15 for it thought when they haven't got the rep of other pro brushes at the same cost. 


This fragrance is meant for evening wear and it's definitely not something I'd be wearing during the day, it has a musky hue to it but not overpowering and it has a lovely ginger tinge to it. It's a lovely perfume and I'm sure I will use it as it's a great handbag size but I don't think I'll be purchasing based on the sample.  


Another great Glossybox! 

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