Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ben Folds Five

I have a huge soft spot for Ben Folds Five.

I remember hearing Underground for the first time, how could you not fall in love with the upbeat piano (I’m a sucker for a good piano tune). Hand me my nose ring, show me the mosh pit…..

It’s Whatever and Ever Amen that is one of my top three albums of all time, I listened to it on repeat for years, and it was the soundtrack to the start of my relationship with Tim. I recorded it onto tape for him (showing my age here) and he’d listen to it walking about and I’d listen to it at home when we were separate. 10 years on we still only go a few months in between listens.

The album was recorded in a house Ben Folds was renting and you can hear his phone ringing during one of the songs. It makes for a very special album. Smoke is quite possibly my favourite song of all time, it’s hauntingly beautiful. 

I was super chuffed to discover (being way off the ball here) that they’ve recently released a new album, The Sound of The Life of the Mind,  which from the few songs I’ve heard seems a welcome return to their snappy emotive songs. Cannot wait to purchase when I get paid in a few days. Plus did I mention the awesome video for Do It Anyway? Featuring The Fraggles….something else I adore?!

And there’s a great behind the scences vid with them speaking about them working together again after so many years apart.

Oh and I have tickets, I’ll be off to see them In November at Manchester Apollo and I am so very happy, see you there if you’re going, if not, get your tickets before they sell out!

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