Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Why I love the Rain

Yesterday I joined hitREcord, which is an open collaborative online production company. 

And I wrote a little bit of poetry about the rain and why I love it. Up for 24 hours, I have 8 recommendations, which is lovely and it's giving me a little bit of confidence that my writing isn't all that bad!

Why I love the Rain
I think about the time that we danced in the street, rain lashed my face and wind whipped my hair into and unending tangled mass of brown but you didn’t care.
You grabbed me tight around my waist and pulled me off the kerb, you held me in a dance embrace, my pavement path perturbed.
You pulled me close and twirled me round, you picked me up right off the ground and here, here in this wet and cold dismal street I saw rainbows reflected in the puddles that our feet went tippety tapping through to an imagined beat.
Forgotten was the nights missed sleep.
And it rained, and it poured, and my heart was an unending flutter of excitement as I knew this was what love really was. And ten years on still is.

Low Greenside Farm Campsite

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