Friday, 5 October 2012

Telly picks to make those winter weekends more bearable

There are a few things telly wise that are cheering me up at the moment, and promises of more to come. This is the time of wanting to have a bath and stick my pjs on as soon as I get from work, crack open the hot chocolate and stuff my face with popcorn and it seems the lovey people at Sky/BBC/Channel 4/FX know this. A good does of comedy, a healthy splash of zombie thriller and a little gangster drama is just what I need to keep those winter blues away!

Boardwalk Empire has just started it's third season on Sky Atlantic and what a first episode. The horrifying Rosetti is a deliciously evil and has a wicked tongue on him, racially abusing everyone at the table in Nucky's kitchen when he doesn't get his own way. "Bread stick in a bow-tie" has to be the ultimate though! Van Alden is trying to scrape by as an iron door to door salesman stumbling across Al Capone and O'Banion and saving the latter's life, could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?

Modern Family is back on Sky 1 tonight. I'm excited to see what the new dynamic will be with Haley at College and Gloria  pregnant, Jay becoming a very much older father. 

Strictly Come Dancing starts tonight too and I will be glued to the set watching the competition as it unfolds. The cast is strong this year with no obvious piss takes, and Louis Smith is there being all hawt. I just hope he can move as well as he can pummel! I'm also looking forward to Johnny Ball and Jerry Hall two people I never thought I'd see on the screen at the same time, but who I adore equally. Plus I get Bruce back on my telly, there's something oh so comforting about his crap jokes, all hail King Bruce!

Friday Night Dinner is back on Channel 4 on Sunday 7th October ( with the awesome comedy legend that is Mark Heap as its guest star - taking nothing away from it's main focus though - the Goodman family and it's brilliant casting). Really, really looking forward to this, although I'm a bit confused as to why it's been moved to a Sunday night slot.

The Walking Dead is back on FX for its third season on 19th October too and judging by the Comic-Con released trailer it looks rather brilliant (read: FUCKING AWESOME!) .

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