Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Glossybox drawers - Embroidery station

I have seen many a tutorial for Glossybox drawers but I do believe this was the first to pop up and has been the basis of most of the others online.

After having a little organise (may be an understatement) I decided I really ought to make use of my old Glossyboxes that were piling up and it might be an idea not to keep all of my threads in a jumble in a random storage box in the living room.

So I followed the above tutorial and first off sorted my threads into colours.


Made up the drawers, which wasn't too tricky from the instructions I was super careful before I glued anything though!

Then I added the drawer ties which I did in matching colours to the silks contained within.


I popped my needles, scissors, seam ripper (and later other bits and bobs) in the top and ta-da, all done! A darn sight prettier and tidier than my mess was previously. 


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