Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Crafty Club: Felt Lavender Pomanders

In April my friends and I got together for our first foray into a shared craft collective, ingeniously called: Crafty Club! The idea being, we all take turns to hols it (if you want to - you can just join in and not host one) and we do a different craft each month pooling our knowledge, learning something new and having fun and good old gossip at the same time.

I held the first meeting and we all embroidered cards, unfortunately I accidentally deleted the pics from the day (stoopid). 

On Sunday the next instalment was held at Chelle's pad and felt lavender pomanders were the choice of the day.

Chelle was a great host and showed us all step by step what to do. With her help I mastered a blanket stitch something I have seen a million times over in craft projects and tutorials but I have never been able to figure out from written instructions (I have a crap working memory because of dyslexia and mild dyspraxia so written instructions aren't good for me, verbal a little better but visual the best!). 

I think we all did very well, thanks Chelle for you patience, supplies and hosting a fab Sunday avo of craftiness!

Frenchi's bright and beautiful  for her lovely nephew, Caleb  

Kat's emo

Chelle's country chic 

Hazel's floral heart 

My purple felt, all finished. I eventually decided to hang it in the car to make it smell a little sweeter 
(the camping trip and fast food trips have made it smell icky!) 

Untitled Untitled

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