Thursday, 19 July 2012

Camping - June 23rd - 7th July 2012

This June saw mine and Tim's first camping holiday. 

I may have mentioned before but my husband is a full time University student, studying Ecology and Conservation, and thus the pennies in our pockets are limited. 

So we ditched the idea of having any type of holiday abroad for a very long time and decided to use the next four years as an excuse to see the beautiful countryside of the United Kingdom. 

I have spent the last six months buying bits and bobs including a tent (we only had a crappy little dome one and a two week holiday in a three man dome tent in the the British weather...). The tent we camp in is an Ouwell Carolina M which is now out of production BUT we managed to get one just in time. 

The great thing about it is the huge living space, meaning if we were going to get bombarded by rain and gales for two weeks we would have somewhere to cosy up and not worry about getting wet. 


We booked the time in last year and originally planned to go to Cornwall for two weeks but when we got tickets for the Stone Roses in the middle of our holiday dates we revised our plans. We thought it would be a nice idea to go to Tim's old stomping ground in the South West for a week and mine in the North East for a week, as visiting families means we never get to go to the places we often talk about. 

I will link below when I've updated my blog with the bits and bobs that we did day by day but here for now is the run down of our two weeks away: 

29th June - Stupidly long drive back to Manchester (it should have taken us three and a half hours - it took six!)

1st July - Recover and pack up again 

4th July - Beamish
6th July - Vue Carlisle - The Amazing Spiderman, The swan Hotel - Ravenstonedale 
7th July - Scenic drive back to Manchester via A  roads rather than the M6

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