Friday, 25 May 2012


I love films.

I can think of nothing better to do on a lazy day then make a huge bowl of salty sweet popcorn and have a film marathon.

I think it may be because of my Grandfolk being avid film fans (this is definitely where my taste for musicals comes from) that I have such a filmlust, that and the escapism of films.

I often think about being glued to the screen whenever Star Wars was on TV as a kid, or the smell of popcorn in the cinema, the only time I liked being in the pitch black, the anticipation of seeing something that would melt my heart/scare me silly or that would make me laugh until my sides split/weep with sadness or joy.

I like all sorts of films, from Brief Encounter to Back to the Future and everywhere in between. There’s no genre I won’t have a go at and I’ve never walked out of a film for no good reason (even Party Monster, I stuck with that to the bitter end).

I no longer frequent the cinema unless it’s something pretty special. I haven’t been since the last Harry Potter film because it was completely spoilt for me by some idiot sat behind me, who talked all the way through. That and the guy who wanders about intermittently to check people aren’t filming, and the fact people now don’t seem to be bale to not look at their phones every ten minutes distracting me like crazy and the high price of cinema tickets, it’s just not worth it.

So I pop everything on my list at Lovefilm as soon as it’s available (in most cases just after it’s been released at the cinema and before it comes out on disc) and wait eagerly for it come through the post.

One problem with this is that Tim and I share an account, which means we take it in turns to rent stuff. Tim rents 20 titles, I rent 20 titles.

At the moment we’re on Tim’s and I have such joys to look forward to as Splinter and The Burrowers. Tim’s a big horror buff. I’m learning all sorts of new stuff about horror films.

I subscribe to Empire, which is an utterly fabulous compendium of all things on the big screen and not so big one, they do a brilliant podcast too.

I'll be reviewing the films I watch through love film on here and maybe, just maybe, if I got to the cinema....(Prometheus....not sure I can miss that on the big screen...)

So my favourite films:



I adore 42nd street, the costumes are amazing and it has a lovely turn from a gorgeous Ginger Rogers in a supporting role, being a great funny gal. 




Need I explain? Apart from the obvious awesomeness, see below. Hot stuff. 



A unconsummated affair, the romance of a steam train, the beautiful black and white making the most of lighting and shadows. 




Gone With the Wind is a marvellous film with an immense cast and a great script. If you haven;lt seen it, go and watch it. Something I definitely have my grand folk to thank for. 




I'm a bit of a sucker for stoner films. And Kevin Smith. And Jay and Silent Bob. 
Fucking clown shoes. 


 Favourite Film of all Time:

I have a theory that the film you've seen the most times is by default your favourite. I always watch this if it;s on on TV. I watched them so much when I was a kid, but the first to me will always be the best, maybe this kick-started my love for the fifties (along with Grease). 

I'm going to get a back to the future tattoo. I have a plan. I just need the cash. 

Earth Angel, Earth  Angel.....


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