Friday, 18 May 2012

First Birthday Present Crafting: for Seb

Today is not only my other half's birthday, it's the lovely little Seb's birthday too, born of Hazel and Craig of House Sommerville & Connell (can you tell I've been watching Game of Thrones?!)

He was born into the world after a bit of a tiresome pregnancy (understatement) and he was born covered in his own poo. None of this surprises me, it would never be any other way with Hazel.

Little Seb is a wonderfully, happy, gorgeous little boy with creative parents.

This is what I made (using my makeshift lightbox):


As previously with Jack's birthday, Seb got his very own monogrammed canvas made from buttons and hand embroidered card. I hope he enjoys them as much as he can, being a one year old and probably having no idea what is happening!

As you can most likely tell, the card was drawn freehand by me.


Also, one last pic: Buttons. They're like treasure to me. This is what happens when your Nana gives you the button box to sort when you're a kid to keep you out of trouble!


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