Saturday, 12 May 2012

Glossybox: The Natural Edition April 2012

The Glossybox arrived fashionably late this month but I'm not one for having a whine about these things and as far as I'm concerned as long as it does turn up at some pint, what's the bother?

This month it came in a plain brown outer box rather than polka dots and the actual box was made of recycled materials, giving it the feel of the inner tube of a toilet roll if I'm honest but I was more than happy to receive it in all it's eco glory. There is a lot of packaging with Glossybox and although I find it beautiful and I use the boxes to keep my make up/embroidery silks/stockings/any other crap in, I do worry about the amount of leftovers. But this box is boi-degradable. Hurrah!

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I was super chuffed with the items that I received especially the lip balm, it's delicious, but onto that in a bit...

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I have had Monu samples through Glossybox prior to this and I was happy with them the first time round and again this time. The scent is absolutely beautiful rose and geranium (quite like my Nana's garden when I was a nipper - so double points there) and it really reminds me of summer. 

It completely quenched by skin and made a good base for make up rather than using a primer. 

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Also a super smelling, wonder product. Now, I am one of those annoying people that gets put off a product/TV show/book if people rave about it too much, because I assume it's a fad. The same can be said for Burt's Bees and me, and how wrong I was. Word of caution though a little of this stuff spreads a long way, I spent a long time rubbing it in trying to get all of it to absorb because I'd been a little lavish with the lotion. 

I would definitely recommend this (and eat my words whilst doing so!). 

Picture 010 

I have mixed emotions about this. It smells great, it does rehydrate to a certain point, but on the other hand it has the consistency of man goo. There we go, I said it. It really actually does. 

Topped off with the high cost I just don't think it's worth it. If they lowered the price maybe, but there are other hydrating lotions and potions out there that work better for your buck as far as I'm concerned. 

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Hands down my favourite product this month. It smelts absolutely gorgeous, is non greasy and comes in very pretty packaging, the fact it;s approved by the soil association is a huge added bonus. It does what it says on the tin (ba-boom-tiiiiiiish) and is gorgeously luxurious and moisturising.

On a side note, I shall be using this tin when it's done as somewhere to keep my left over rhinestones as it's so pretty (I also may pretend that they are treasure, just for fun).  

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Loved the colour and the ease of application for this eye liner.It has a lovely creamy consistency which means it glides on effortlessly and had fair to good staying power.  Blue eye-liner is something I haven't worn since the Britpop days of my teenage years but I may give it  a bash again, maybe at the Stone Roses gig next month (squeeeeee!). 


Another great Glossybox from the Glossybox team. Thanks a million and keep 'em coming! 

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  1. Totally agree with man goo comment!! I like it as a product - feels nice on my skin and all that but the packaging doesn't help matters as it's inclined to "spurt" and then you end up with too much!