Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Munch: Afternoon Tea at Sugar Junction, Manchester

On Saturday my friends and I went for a rather civilised afternoon tea at Sugar Junction on Tibb Street in Manchester.

I have heard super things about this place and I couldn't wait to try it out.

So off I went into town dressed up in my finery including my lovely 1960s lemon coat with the broach Tim bought me for our first wedding anniversary when we were in Paris.


I stopped along the way to buy some fabric (another blog coming soon!) and raid the discount hosiery section of Primark (classy, right?). I'm not sure if I've said this before but I am obsessed with pretty tights, anything to make my workwear more appealing!

The teashop is absolutely stunning with vintage furniture pieces, although at odds with each other, creating a wonderful mish mash of cosy comfort. The table was decorated in floral tones with flowers in jam jars with doilies to decorate.


The 7 of us sat down (having pre-booked our table - something you should definitely do if you're planning on a weekend visit) and looked at the menu to order our sandwiches and choice of tea.

I opted for the Prawn Marie Rose and the Cream Cheese, Radish and Pink Peppercorn for the finger sandwiches and a pot of Diamond Jubilee which had ginger and lemongrass in it. It was absolutely gorgeous.

We all got on with the gossip (as per) although I have noted over the ten years (or thereabouts) that we've known each other the conversation is slightly more mature, saying that we ended inevitably talking about poo. Some things.....

We got our cake stand of goods (2 stands between the seven of us), and we all had in addition to our yummy sandwiches: a fruit scone with jam and clotted cream, a piece of fudge (in a heart shape - how adorable?!), a lemon drizzle cupcake, a strawberry tartlet, a fresh cream filled meringue.


It was a bit of a "wow" moment when that came to the table I can tell you!

I managed to much down all of the delicious sandwiches (read: stuffed my face) and moved onto the scone, which was really, truly gorgeous. I love scones and haven;t tasted one this good since I worked at Charlie's years ago! I then moved onto the tarlet and finished with the meringue. 

By this point I was absolutely super stuffed. So I asked for the leftovers to be bagged up to take to my cake hungry husband at home. 


It was a really lovely day, with great company and gorgeous food and drink. 

I cannot recommend Sugar Junction highly enough, if you want a lovely, home-made treat for yourself in gorgeous surroundings with excellent services, look no further, you've found it, right here! 

I hope you enjoy your visit too :D xx

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