Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bath, The Roman Baths, Stowford Manor Farm, The Castle Inn - Bradford On Avon - 26th June 2012

We packed up and were out of Cheddar Camp quite early and on our way to the next campsite, Stowford Manor Farm. As we neared bath we realised we had some time to kill so rather than wait around for the check in time we decided to park up and explore Bath a little.

Bath has always been one of the places to visit on my seemingly never-ending list. We wandered about and found a small cafĂ© and ordered a cream tea, which was yummy! Clotted cream and lots of jam, just what we needed as a little pick me up (read: massive fattening lunch). After our lunch we decided to visit the Baths, Tim wasn’t all that bothered but conceded when I explained it was something that had always been on my list.
Cream Tea, Bath

The good news was the queue was not too large, the bad news the place appeared to be rammed with children when we entered, it soon appeared that they were on their way out though. I don’t have a massive issue with kids but when there’s two school trips in the building I just know I’m likely to get annoyed at being stuck behind them.

Roman Baths, Bath

The entrance fee was £13 which wasn’t bad for a World Heritage site, and you got a free audio guide which was dispensed of mostly and just stuck to the Bill Bryson audio parts when we went around which was a lovely touch. The Baths are quite something, and I’m so glad I got to see them finally, they really are like reaching out and touching the past, you can see the remains of Roman forts and foundations but to be standing somewhere that used to be street level that’s pretty well preserved (minus the additions built on in Georgian and Victorian eras) really is something special.

Roman Baths, Bath Roman Baths, Bath Roman Baths, Bath

After spending a few hours in the Baths we headed back to the car and made our way to Stowford Manor Farm. I pretty much forgot to take any photos BUT I can honestly say it’s a beautiful campsite, the shower block is amazing, (especially after three days without a shower or hot running water!) and it’s a complete bargain at £13 per night – for two in one tent!

After putting the tent up, unpacking and sorting things out, we decided to go into Bradford on Avon and have a bit to eat for dinner, not fancying cooking after all of the packing, unpacking and walking. The folks at Stowford recommended the Castle Inn so off we went with haste.

The Castle Inn is a lovely pub, sitting high up on the topper most hill and looking down into Bradford on Avon below. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the food is delicious!

The Castle Inn, Bradford on Avon

We had:

Olives to share while we were waiting (£2.60)

Me: Glastonbury 28 day aged rib-eye steak (rare) with tiger prawns, chips, salad and peppercorn sauce (£16.95)

The Castle Inn, Bradford on Avon 
Tim: Poached smoked haddock with bubble and squeak, poached egg and hollandaise sauce (£10.50)

Shared stilton and cheddar with biscuits and homemade chutney (£6.95)

Stacey Stilton Tongue 

Yummy! All washed down with half a pint of ale for me and a couple for Tim. It was a lovely way to spend our evening and we were soon in bed listening to Jay and Silent Bob Get Old before drifting off to sleep.

Full set of photos from our camping trip here

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