Friday, 17 August 2012

Pin Curl Tutorial Video - Pin Curls the EASY Way!

Since I've had my hair chopped I can now pin curl it (to much delight). If you;re like me and have super straight hair that's a pain in the arse to curl this may be the way for you.

I have frustratingly tried to pin curl my hair before but I never thought to use end papers. I put together this little video as a few of my friends had commented on my photos asking me how I;d done it. When I trued to describe the process it didn't really work, so hopefully this will make it a little clearer.

Please excuse the weird faces I pull when I do my hair, force of habit!

These are a few pics for a close up shot.

Pin Curl Tutorial Pin Curl Tutorial Pin Curl Tutorial Pin Curl Tutorial


  1. Really enjoyed watching that love. Obviously takes a bit of work but it looks fab x

    1. Thanks love, it might look like a bit of a pain but you get at least 4 days wear out of it with different states of being brushed out, it still looks good :D