Monday, 13 August 2012

Weston Super Mare (The Museum, the Pier, the Odeon - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter) - 28th June

Turns out yesterday's camping took it out of me, and this was my face in the morning.


We went to Weston to have a quick stop off with Tim's family and to go and see some of the haunts of his old stomping ground.

After a quick visit to his Mum's and seeing his all new slimline sister (lost 6 stone on slimming world!!) we went off in the direction of Weston town centre stopping along the way for a bit of tomfoolery. 

She stole my moves....

First up was Weston Museum, at £3.60 it's a snip to get in and have a good nosey about. Tim told me it wasn't big but I really enjoyed it. It did have a rather large exhibition of smocks and I did like the photographic sections on the history of Weston, oh and they had an gorgeous 50s cocktail cabinet that I would have loved to have had in my home!

Anyhoo, me and Tim took the opportunity to dress up in available stuff (for kids). I especially liked being a ladybird.

Weston Museum Weston Museum Weston Museum

Then it was off to the all new fangled Grand Pier. It's the first time we've been on it since the fire and subsequent re-vamp. I had a big old soft spot for the old one and it looked brilliant after it had all of the work done to it, but I have to say the new pier is a beauty and so much better for the town now with live events and a licence for weddings.

We went on the ghost train, it wasn't as good as the old one. You're in cages now so no cobwebs in your hair or things brushing past you. I did have a good old scream when we came out into the end of it and the attendant was there which made him chuckle a bit. But ghost train old and new were now ridden on the pier.

Then it was time for fish and chips, which were nice and munched straight down by the seafront.


We strode off to the Odeon to see a film, it was pot luck, and we went to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (review here) and Tim showed me the place he's watched a countless amount of films and after discovering he'd never had a smooch in the cinema he got his first one, with me :D

Odeon, weston super mare

It's a beautiful art deco building and is massive inside, I suppose the spoils of being built in a seaside town and it was great to have it pretty much all to ourselves for the film. I was a little bit gutted that I couldn't see the organ that Tim had been telling me about but according to the wiki it's still there as it's protected and building is Grade II listed now.

Odeon, weston super mare Odeon, weston super mare

Tim's Mum did tell us there were plans for a new cinema along the seafront and I do wonder what will happen to the Odeon when this comes about, I imagine people will go to the newer one and the old one will eventually close. The council have a lot to answer for in that case, there are far too many of the beautiful old Odeons being closed around the country, Manchester and Chester to name but a few. I'm glad I got the chance to check it out though and I'd urge anyone else to too, before it's too late. 

We rounded the day off with a visit to Jebby (Tim's Granda) which was good to see the old boy, and then back to camp for our last night before what became an epic 6 hour journey home (it should have taken three and a half!). 

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