Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Brean Down, Weston Super Mare - 24th June 2012

After a particularly scary nights sleep but feeling oh so smug in our super tent we woke, had breakfast, and started to make our way to Brean Down.

Brean Down

Tim and I have often taken a walk down to the shore of his hometown and looked out across the water to Brean Down. I’ve heard Tim talk about how beautiful the finger of land is and how he used to go walking there with his dog when he was younger. Plus the promise of a fort was a good call.

Owned by the National Trust you do have to pay for parking but access to the fort and to Brean Down is free and I do have to wholeheartedly agree with Tim; it offers spectacular views across the Bristol channel and it’s so lovely to see the Weston Coast from the (almost) opposite side .

We met up with our friend Nia and then made the way up the steps and along to the the Victoria Fort (stopping of course to feed the pregglington Nia and have a massive chin wag whilst the boys kept at it).

Brean Down

We wandered about the fort and to the end of Brean Down, and we saw some swallow chicks being fed in their nest which was amazing!  

It was ka beautiful walk and a sunny day bit hugely windy, although that was quite refreshing due to the sun having its hat well and truly on.
Brean Down Brean Down
This is what happens when you don;t bring a bobble. 

Then we drove down to Weston and had lunch in the Old Colonial which was okay for a two for one pub (we had been there previously with Tim’s Da a while back).

The Old Colonial does lunch, Weston 
I'm not sure why Nia's looking so appalled?!

Then we went for a wander down to the sea front and Tim climbed down to mess about on the rocks, we decided it might be a little too treacherous for Nia and I pretty much couldn't be arsed to climb down so the boys went and we attached the, from the top of the wall looking down. It mainly consisted of Tim skimming stones. The view from the top was beautiful. I do love the Weston coastline. 

 Weston Weston

Then it was time to say good bye to Nia and set back off to camp.

The weather was glorious when we arrived back and the boys set about making a fie with Slashington using his bellows (read: air bed pump) as a tool of the trade. We all made hobo pies for dinner which were cooked on the fire and tasted delicious.

Slasher's make-shift bellows, Cheddar camp, Cheddar Cheddar Camp, Cheddar

It was the perfect evening to round off the last night for Rob and Slasher, much scrumpy was consumed, much laughter was had and I toddled off to bed before the boys so I could be fresh faced and smug for our trip to Wells the following day.

Full set of photos from our camping trip here, more info on Brean Down can be found here. 

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