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Wells, Bishop's Castle, Wells Cathedral, Collard Hill - 25th June 2012

When Tim told me we were going to Wells I got hugely excited. Not because it’s meant be beautiful or because it’s steeped in history. It’s because it’s where they filmed Hot Fuzz and is Edgar Wright’s hometown.

Besides that though it IS actually a beautiful place to visit and is very picturesque. We parked out of the city centre and walked in through the winding streets. As we walked in we noticed many a Swan in an exhibition called the Swans of Wells. They were much like the cow parade our very own Manchester had had a few years back. Each swan was decorated from a different artist and were placed around Wells to commemorate the diamond jubilee.

Wells, Bishop's Palace Swan Parade, Wells Wells, Bishop's Palace The Swan Parade, Wells The Swan Parade, Wells

Our first stop was Bishop’s Palace (an 800 year old Medieval Palace). With an admission price of £7 for the gardens and the Palace it was a very good price. We spent a good hour walking about the gardens, which are absolutely stunning and filled with fragrant roses and other beauties. We walked back along the wall from which you can look out and see Glastonbury Tor.

Wells, Bishop's Palace Bishop's Palace, Wells Bishop's Palace, Wells Bishop's Palace, Wells Bishop's Palace, Wells

We entered the Palace through the Chapel which was beautiful. (I am an atheist, completely and utterly but I am constantly drawn to the architecture of cathedrals) then went and wandered about the rest of the Palace, it was interesting enough with an exhibition about the coronation and included the coronation cope worn by the bishop, which looked pretty sparkly (= imagined myself running about Wells in it pretending I was some sort of superhero in my amazing gold cape).

Bishop's Palace, Wells Bishop's Palace, Wells Bishop's Palace, Wells

We came out of the Bishop’s Palace and walked straight into the main town square. I gulped, I gasped, Tim looked at me like I was crazy. Me: Don’t you recognise this? Tim: Wuh? Me: HOT FUZZ!!!


We stopped for a picnic lunch outside Wells Cathedral and we all had close encounters with baby spiders. The we said goodbye to Rob and Dr Slashwaaaa as they headed home and we excitedly went back to the square to be massive cheesey and have a cornetto outside the Crown… have to do it right?!

The Crown, Wells The Crown, Wells

Next up was Wells Cathedral, entry is free or you can pay a donation when you go in. We wandered about the cloisters taking note of the grumpy cherubs adorning the walls. I jumped about a waggled my bum a bit, then we went into the main body of the cathedral and gawped at the beautiful scissor arches, which were put there to solve a problem of collapse but are absolutely breathtaking!

Wells Cathedral
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Wells Cathedral

After our thoroughly enjoyable trip to Wells we hoped in the car and made our way to Collard Hill, home of the Large Blue butterfly, an extremely rare species in the Uk but coming back to life somewhat in this beauty spot. I didn’t actually see one, but Tim did as he ventured down a rather steep slope and found a National Trust ranger to was very helpful. I did see a small heath though which was very pretty.

Untitled Collard Hill Glastonbury Tor

We went back to camp and Tim made a kick ass and very romantic fire and we watched the sun go down in the relative peace with only one other tent on site. It was our last day at Cheddar Camp and we’d really enjoyed our time there, but tomorrow was to pack up and head for Stowford Manor Farm.

Love fire :D

Full set of photos from our camping trip here

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