Friday, 31 August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Oh. My. Word.

What an amazing film.

Not only does it have the handsome and teenage crush o'mine Joseph Gordon Levitt in it this time round, it gives him a great character, central to the story and something I had figured out around three quarters of the way through, which for me is a loooooong time.

Also new to the cast Anne Hathaway does a great turn as Selena Kyle, acting the innocent fragile girl one minutes, brawling safe cracker the next, of course ins me ridiculously beautiful clothes and a leather suit (the sound of a million men applauding).

Bane is fantastic in it, although his voice is somewhat off putting, like a crazed ringmaster gone wrong, and some girls I am sure will be disappointed you don't get to see much of Hardy's lovely face BUT it's good job really because the man behind the mask offers a delicious taste of all that is wrong and evil in the world. Try doing that being all handsome.

Enough of the perving (did I mention fittie Gordon?).

I have noticed a lot of people unhappy with the film through feeds on facebook etc, I think I may have figured out why. There isn't much Batman. I mean, of course there is , Wayne is of course Batman and his character both masked and not goes through some extraordinary development over the hours of the film but not so much in costume. I think that's what people find to be disappointing about it.

Me personally, I loved it. It was the perfect end to a perfect three films. I came out and wanted to see it again, I was almost in tears three times. Batman film or not, it's an amazing thriller and gives credence to the reality of a masked man running about the place dressed up as a bat.

All performances are outstanding.

I just really want to know what the end means, will Gordon Levitt come back as Batman, or have we got a Nightwing on the way? They'd better make an announcement soon!!

5/5. Go and see it. See it now. Then see it again. 

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