Friday, 10 August 2012

Glossybox: July 2012 Review

July's Glossybox is all about summer 

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I was actually quite surprised I received this in the shade for blondes. I am a redhead, but in no way naturally. I know people have been waxing lyrical about the wonder of HD Brows products but I did wonder if this would be right for me, being in a lighter shade. I wasn't disappointed, this has now become a stable of my make up box....pencils? They seem so bloody primitive now I have this little a palette of loveliness at hand! 

I will never, ever be without a HD Brows palette again in my life. 


Cruelty free, integrity and green committed, this little gloss promises a lot. I found it not too heavy and lovely smelling but it was super sticky, something I don't particularly love about glosses. It does give a very lovely iridescent shine though with a lovely amount of shimmer. 

It's not something I'll be rushing out to spend my money on. 


I am as pale as they come, I really quite like it that way, Unfortunately I wont be testing this unless my husband becomes my Guinea pig  for the weekend and lets me tan his butt. 


It's meant to make your hair shiner, it's apparently got jewel liquid extract (seriously, what the hell is that mean to be?! I hate this type of bollocks).

It smells like Impulse O2, which I reeked of as a teenager, so that was a nice little trip down memory lane, and it looks all shimmery when it's on your hand, lathers up nicely BUT I didn't notice it being any shiner than with my normal shampoo if I'm honest.

I don't think I'll be purchasing. 

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Bonus sachets of:

Skin balancing exfoliating cleanser - It smelt nice, but didn't really exfoliate as well as I thought it would, maybe because of the sample size. 
Optimising Skin Serum  - It didn't really make my skin any more hydrated than usual. 
Skin Balancing lotion SPF15 - same as the main product

This is an oil free lotion, something I am more than happy to smother on my face, having imbalanced skin at the best of times. I do suffer from shiny nose syndrome though, some products do a better job at this than others. This didn't make a bit of difference to my nose (boo) but my skin did feel rehydrated and it was nice to know I wasn't walking round with a tonne of grease on my face. It's great to have in a sample size but I wont be buying. 

Overall, a good box, apart from the tanning lotion! 

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