Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Low Greenside Farm, Ravenstonedale - 2nd July

We knew the weather would be terrible, we knew it would rain for a week. We crossed our fingers it wouldn't be too bad....

We arrived at Low Greenside Farm campsite and saw the note saying we coudn't drive onto the field as it was too waterlogged, we gulped a little, then the rain started. So we opted for the best bit of grass we could find and not too far away from the car so we wouldn't have to dash about in the rain as much.

Putting the tent up in the rain wasn't too much of a mission, although we were happy when we didn't have to keep making trips with the wheelbarrow left out for us back and forth to the car.

At £6 per person per night, the campsite is extremely good value, added to the fact that you can have campfires in the pits provided, although we only managed one and only for a few hours with the inclement weather.

There is  a free hot shower  to use in the static caravan on site which is also the toilet block although there is another toilet available in the courtyard near the house. It also serves as a little tourist information point which is kept very up to date. Roise does a fab job of keeping the place spick and span and she also rents out books for local walks for a £5 returnable deposit.

There is also a very old family sheep called Laura who has arthritis, sometimes sitting in  the field by the caravan, she's a lovely old gal!

Low Greenside Farm Campsite Low Greenside Farm Campsite 
Our super awesome tent

Low Greenside Farm Campsite Low Greenside Farm Campsite 
fire pit, without fire....and with (even if it only lasted an hour before the heavens opened) 

Low Greenside Farm Campsite Low Greenside Farm Campsite Low Greenside Farm Campsite 
The moody view from our tent 

We decided not to do anything on our first day, the weather was crappy, we were still shattered after the Stone Roses and we had a cool box full of food and the net book was fully charged and ready to go with podcasts. 

Tim did take some time out to fly his kite though! 

Kite flying Kite flying Kite Flying

Full set of our photos can be found here

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