Thursday, 30 August 2012

Glossybox: August 2012 Review - The International Superstars Box


This month Glossybox was brought you in the form of an around the world package. I was quite pleased when I opened it up to find no perfume or lotions, not that I don't like getting them but I really do like getting a make up/nail centric Glossybox. 




A first glance, and especially when looking at the price of this eyeshadow palette, I thought it would be naff. It looked pretty cheap to me, and I have used cheap eyeshadows before that simply slide off as soon as you blink after application. I was completely wrong about that. 

I tried out the greens on this palette when I went out on Saturday for a date with my best mate (pic here, not sure if it's a good enough one though) and the shadow blended well and stayed put all night, even in a hot restaurant and the sheeting rain I was out in. 

I was rather impressed, especially for the cost!


I was looking forward to trying this out. Optically brightening nail polish with an anti yellowing formula? Great stuff. 

Very disappointed. It really didn't do anything at all, it does however make a really good base coat and no matter how much washing up I do it shows no sign of chipping off, which is a bonus. I wont be purchasing though, almost £8 for a bottle of this stuff seems a little expensive anyway and especially for something that promises a lot but gives so little. 


The lipstick smells good (ie not cheap), the colour isn't a great one on me I don't think but it has a good consistency and glides on very easily. It's okay, not great, not terrible. Maybe if the colour had been a bit better I would have enthused about it a little more but it was all a bit "meh" really. 


Without a doubt my favourite product in this month's Glossybox. I have never tried an oil cleanser before but I am very used to taking my make up off with cold cream before washing my face of an evening. It's an absolute miracle of a face cleanser, it said on the bottle that it would dissolve my make up. I was quite surprised when it did exactly this. Even my waterproof eye-liner was gone after I'd finished massaging it into my face and I was happy that I wasn't left with that squeaky clean skin (= stripped all the oil from your face leaving you to slap a tonne of cream on to make up for it). My skin felt super soft after using this product. 

I will definitely be purchasing. 


Ah Lipcote, old friend of the teenage me. There were reasons why I stopped using lipcote in the 90s and these are the reasons I wont be purchasing any time soon as nothing appears to have changed about it but the packaging. 

It did keep my lipstick on, with almost none removed after a thirsty tea and cake date with husband but it still smells horrid, it still sings the lips when you apply it and makes them sticky then dry. I really thought they might have done something to combat those problems but alas not. 

So I'll stick to re-applying my lipstick I think. 


I haven't used these press on nails yet. There are reasons for this: 

1. I am currently learning to play the ukulele
2. As with all fake nails which are coloured I can't use them to go out in because I have Brachy Type D thumbs (aka toe thumb/murderers thumb/clubbed thumb)  and going out to buy nail varnish just to match some free nails I've been given in a not very suited to me colour really isn't my thing. 

I would say thought hat looking at their website they do some lovely colours and designs. 

I will try them at some point and update when I can. 


Some duds, some goods, but that's all part of the fun of thying these thigns though right? Thanks to the Glossybox team for another great box! 

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