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The Black Swan Hotel - Ravenstonedale - 6th July

With the weather crappy we decided on going home a day early so for our last day we needed some indoor activities, so off we went to the Vue cinema in Carlisle to see The Amazing Spiderman (review is here).

I wore my Shrek 3D glasses and ate much popcorn.

Styling it up at The Amazing Spiderman, Carlisle

We decided, as it was out last night, to go for a meal in the local village to our campsite, Ravenstondale. We opted for The Black Swan Hotel. It was recommended by Rosie and we were warned we would have to book in advance, we thought we'd take our chances at 6pm. 

We arrived and were told that there was room in the Lounge area so we took our seats and perused the menu (with Tim pretending to be a stag in between). It's a beautiful hotel, the staff are friendly and attentive and the place was soon buzzing with guests, a large part of which appeared to consist of an American National Geographic tour group, who were pleasant enough. 

The Black Swan, Ravenstonedale Tim stag

We started with olives to share £2.95. My only problem being, not enough green olives, yet this is always the way when you order olives in restaurants, I know the green ones are more expensive but a 50/50 split would be nice.

Olives & Feta 

For a starters:

I had Thornby Moor goats cheese stumpy which was delicious, the balsamic onion topping it off perfctly. £5.95

Thornby Moor Goat's Cheese Stumpy 

Tim had crab, peppadew and spring onion croquette, which I had a sneaky bit of and it was lovely, I'm not too fond of crab but this wasn't too bothersome for me. £5.95

Crab, Peppadew & Spring Onion Croquette 

Mains time!

I went for the beef, sliton and green peppercorn pie. I don't think I've tasted a pie quite like it, the stilton wasn't too heavy being melted just under crust, the beef was cooked to perfection and it came with peas (did I tell you how much I love peas?!) £11.95

Beef, Stilton & Green Peppercorn Pie 

Tim had the rather gorgeous looking pan fried lemon and black pepper bass fillet. I did have a sneaky mouthful and it was a melt in the mouth moment. Very yummy with the chive risotto setting it off a treat. £13.95
Pan Fried Lemon and Black Pepper Bass Fillet 

Then Tim's ears did that super cute thing the do when he eats too much, they go all red. Adorable! 

Tim's ears going red, this happens when he's stuffed! 

After a half an hour break it was time to tackle the pudding list (I know, I know, filling our faces as we were, but the last day of the holiday is a special one!). 

I opted for the almond bread and butter pudding with custard. Bread and butter pudding is one of my favourite deserts and I wasn't at all let down with this glorious pudding £4.50

Almond bread and butter pudding 

Tim went for the gooseberry sponge with ice-cream which was again delicious. £4.50

All deserts are made on site at he black swan and aren't bought in like a lot of places offering home cooked food will tell you (trust me, I used to assistant chef in a pub many moons ago). 

Gooseberry sponge with icecream

It was a great experience dining in this lovely hotel, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the surroundings beautiful and comfy. Throughout the meal we were asked if everything was okay, asked if we required further drinks etc, even when the place was packed we were still attended to. It is no surprise that the restaurant, lounge and bar get fully booked every evening of the weekend.

I'd love to go back and stay in the hotel at some point, hopefully something we will do in the future.

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