Friday, 17 August 2012

Beamish - 4th July 2012

Beamish - Living Museum of the North, need I say more?

Being in a relationship with a Southerner for just under ten years it was a good idea to take him to Beamish and show him what it was really all about, on top of that of course I hadn't been since I was about 14 and I've been banging on at him about it for what seems like ten years.....hang on a minute........

At £17.50 it's a bit expensive BUT you get a full days worth of visit out of it and if you live near your ticket is valid for a year from the date of purchase which I imagine is great value if you have a family and are looking for something to do in the holidays.

I think the photos below say all they need to but a few observations:

I found the pit village really interesting, especially the bit where you could go into the mine, having family from the North East as you can imagine 90% were down the mines working for a living from their teenage years.

The people who work there as people of the past didn't really seem all that interested in talking to us, even when we asked them questions. Especially the dentist. It was like getting blood out of the stone. I really think maybe we should have gone for a more obvious approach and demanded some interesting facts, rather than the responses we got of them rolling their eyes, looking sat the ceiling and muttering a few words.

The Jubilee Confectioners was a great place to be, the staff were really friendly and helpful in there and we stuffed our faces with sweets for the rest of the week. My bag of rosy apples went too soon though!

Beamish Beamish Beamish Tim eats Icecream at Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish Beamish

Full set of our photos can be found here

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